Why Do I Need Gutters?

K- style gutters are the most common gutter style in Hawaii.  They are popular because they mimic the look of crown molding.  Exterior God's offers K- style gutters in two sizes: 5" and 6" which are available in multiple colors in aluminum as well as copper.  These gutters are typically seamless with the exception of corners which decreases the likelihood of the leak and makes them look better.  Aluminum and copper gutters can easily last 20 years if maintained and still look great, with the one exception being darker colors.  Darker colors will fade, but can be painted.

The most common downspout size is 2"X 3", but larger sizes are available.  You will often find that Exterior Gods uses the larger 3"X 4" downspout to increase the capacity of the gutter and also direct water to a certain area such as a drain or driveway to move water away from the house.

Tired of cleaning your gutters?

Offering Gutter Guards by Gutter Glove

Stainless steel micro-mesh keeps debris out even in major downpours.


Gutters alone aren't enough!

Now that you have your gutters, where is the water going?  

Draining downspouts around a home or building can cause long term problems with water entering a home or coming in contact with wood.  Managing the water coming off your home does not end with the installation of rain gutters.  The water has to go somewhere and the ground next to the house isn't always the best place for it.

There are many options for drainage once its off the house from modified french drains,  trench drains, to piping that just moves the water to another part of the property.

Exterior God's offers a long lasting solution to minimize gutter maintenance.


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