Smartpanel Vs. T1-11

LP Smartside Panel siding with Smartguard zinc borate is the akamai choice for building in Hawaii. Engineered to withstand Hawaii’s harsh climate and protect against termites, LP Smartside has been third party tested in Hilo since 1996 and has a proven track record of success throughout Hawaii’s diverse climates.

Unlike T1-11 plywood siding which has to be soaked in chemicals post-production to protect against termites and fungal decay, all Smartside products are treated with non-toxic zinc borate during the manufacturing process. The result is a 100% treated and moisture controlled structural siding perfect for Hawaii. Plywood treatment often does not penetrate the whole board and can leach out over time. That will never happen with Smartside.

Smartpanel is an APA rated sheathing that can be installed direct to studs up to 24” OC when using 19/32” thickness. 16” OC for 7/16”. Installation is made easier with durable ship lap edges and alignment beads for consistent and seamless appearance from one panel to the next. The ease of installation is a big selling point for builders and far exceeds that of plywood, especially once plywood has been soaked in treatment and often warped as a result. LP panel is flat and true every time.

Plywood has what the industry calls “boat patches” or “footballs” on the surface. These are due to the nature of plywood production where imperfections in veneers are removed and replaced with patches. Aesthetically it is not as pleasing. LP Smartside is an engineered product, so all of the knots are removed while processing logs down to the wood “strands” which are ultimately oriented and pressed under intense heat and pressure to make the board.

LP Smartside panel comes with a factory applied resin impregnated and primed cedar texture overlay, providing an exceptional painting surface. Primer is not needed, and any acrylic latex paint will do. Builders have reported significant savings in paint costs when compared to T1-11 plywood.

OSB products like LP Smartside are more environmentally friendly and efficient to produce. Smartside uses only aspen in its substrate. Aspen is fast growing and stable. LP is able to use smaller diameter tress, while plywood manufacturers require larger old growth logs to provide sufficient size veneer. LP was green before green was a trend. They use virtually all of every log harvested. Any waste, like removed knots as discussed previously, is processed down and used as fuel to power mills.

LP Smartpanel carries an industry leading 5/50 transferrable warranty. That means for the first 5 years 100% labor and material coverage if the product fails to perform as stated. After 5 years, material is covered up to 50. Generally, if an exterior siding has manufacturing defects, it will show up in the first 5 years. I have been selling Smartside in Hawaii since 2006 with no product failure. On a windward side beach, jungle in Hilo or Kauai, or dry leeward side, it performs every time.

The advantages of LP Smartside siding over T1-11 to both the builder and homeowner are abundantly clear. I believe in the product so much I used it on my own remodel on Oahu, and now am planning to use it on a new build in Waimea, Big Island which could very well be our forever home.

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Ryan Counter
Vandermeer Forest Products – Hawaii

by Michael McElhinney Siding